dimecres, 27 de desembre de 2017

English time!

This term 2n EP kids have been working with different projects and they have followed them in a motivating and cooperative way.


Kids have been working ecosystems through a project that we named "Moustapha". The trigger was a video where Moustapha, a senegalese boy, told us that he had to come to live to our country but he didn't know anything about our weather, animals, landscape... he didn't know either if we have cities or towns, mountains, rivers, beaches... He needed our help to have as much information as possible. The final products were the murals and a video that all of us made and that we sent to him. The presentation that it's attached here is a small detail of the entire job that we've been doing.


Kids have made their special animal. They chose three or four animals and created a new one joining different body parts. This new animal had his own name, could or couldn't do some actions and could stay on, under, beside... some objects made by them. With all of it we have worked the animals, actions, verbs and prepositions. The presentation, that is attached here is a small detail of every oral presentation.

Congratulations everybody! I'm very proud of your job. Let's go on!


Teacher Sandra.

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